Peter Butcher Acupuncture Newport, Cardiff and Chepstow

L. P., Cardiff.
"I was at my lowest ebb when I first went to Peter for acupuncture at the Cardiff Natural Health Clinic. I was feeling low, overwhelmed by different pressures and exhausted by trying to keep up a façade of ‘normality’. I went to the first session in the pretence that I all I needed was a little help to ‘relax’, but Peter saw through it. His easy manner and genuine concern soon had me feeling confident enough to open up about what was really troubling me – and he knew exactly how to treat it. I have no doubt that his expert care has put me back on the right path and I’ve already recommended him to a close friend."

S. J., Cardiff.
"After a few months of acupuncture, I now have much more energy. I don’t have “overwhelming feelings of stress” during busy and demanding times, I sleep well and have a much more positive outlook on life. I now only require 2 monthly top-ups. These results are reinforced by Peter’s professional yet, friendly approach and his wealth of clinical experience and knowledge. The treatment always includes a thorough assessment and follow-up. This is very reassuring in a world where we need to find safe and recommended practitioners."

G. L. E., Cardiff.
Since I started treatment with Peter I have much more energy. During the past year, for example, I have coped with various family crises including bereavement, continued to run my own busy market research business and kept on top of a full-time-equivalent university course. None of us is actually a superwoman, but Peter has helped me to feel as though I could be one!"

R. K., Chepstow.
"I first came to Peter suffering from very low energy levels. After only 2 sessions I felt my energy levels start to improve and by the 6th session I felt fully recovered. Peter's acupuncture sessions have been crucial in getting my health back to normal."

L. C., Cardiff
"After a recent health scare which thankfully proved to be OK, I found that I started to worry about my health. Having been a confident person I found this very alien to me and quite traumatic. A friend suggested that I go to an acupuncturist. Initially I wasn’t too sure but was willing to try anything.

My 1st appointment with Peter included a consultation where he asked lots of questions about my background in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of me as a person. I believe this initial consultation was invaluable and reassured me that Peter understood me completely and therefore could provide me with the best treatment. After a few sessions I was back to my usual self and even got myself a new job! I would recommend Peter to anyone as the help he has given me enabled me to get my life back on track!"

Jo, Newport
" For anyone who is worried about the needles, I would say don't be, they are very thin and when they are in you can't feel them - it's not at all like injections! It is always a pleasure to visit Peter; he is a very relaxing and easy person to be with. I would recommend him 100%."

J. A., Chepstow
I have had a very positive experience with acupuncture. I seem to be able to approach the ups and downs of life from a more centered and pragmatic place. After an acupuncture treatment I often feel as if I walk out of the consulting room on a cushion of air and everything seems much more 'bouncy.' I have now managed to reduce a weekly treatment to a monthly treatment. Thankyou :-)"

"With his calm, quiet manner Peter listens and lifts the spirits. He is a great asset to my well-being and I will continue to see Peter on a regular basis."

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