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Acupuncture in the news

Keep your eye on this page, as it will update with the latest articles relating to acupuncture.

Acupuncture and Bi-polar disorder -
25th July 2010. On the eve of her ninth solo album, Kristin Hersh reveals how acupuncture freed her from the bipolar disorder that haunted her life and career. [more]

Acupuncture and pain relief- Mail Online
31st May 2010. Despite being dismissed by many as a pseudo science, new research has found that acupuncture does work. Scientists say the treatment, which involves sticking needles into the body, triggers a flood of natural painkillers. [more]

Acupuncture and migraines
An article outlining how acupuncture is beneficial for the treatment of migraines, backed up by several sudies on the attached factsheet. [more]

Acupuncture "Helps depression in pregnancy" -
23rd February 2010. Acupuncture may offer a drug-free alternative for treating depression in pregnant women, researcers have found… [more]

Back pain article in the Daily Express
16th February 2010. Fashion designer Scott Henshall on acupuncture. [more]

Acupuncture "lessens pain in the brain, not body" -
6th February 2010. Acupuncture works by making the brain, rather than the body, no longer experience pain, according to new research… [more]

"Acupuncture during IVF boost a woman's chance of concieving by 65%" - Mail Online
Women having acupuncture while undergoing IVF increase their chances of getting pregnant by 65%, according to new research… [more]

"Acupuncture can relieve arthritis pain" -
21st December 2004. Acupuncture can reduce pain and improve mobility in arthritis patients by 40 percent, scientists say… [more]

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