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Acupuncture regards pain and illness, whether physical, mental or emotional to be a sign that the body’s energy (Qi) is out of balance. Traditional acupuncture is holistic and not focused on isolated symptoms. It is based on Chinese medicine principles that have been developed, researched and refined over 2,500 years. 

By nourishing, unblocking and re-balancing the flow of energy (Qi), we help to restore the body’s ability to function normally and to heal itself naturally.

Having trained extensively in both Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the two most common styles of acupuncture, my approach is a combination of these two methods. This ensures that each patient receives the maximum benefit from their treatment.

In 2011 I also qualified as an NLP Practitioner. This helps me work with patients on an added level, to recognise and change any unhelpful patterns which may be the cause or as a result of an inbalance in their Qi.

The combination of these two very complimentary approaches can be extremely powerful in effecting change in symptom, giving patients control over their condition.


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